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Transmitter Solutions 318ALD31K 318 MHz Firefly SU7318ALD31K Mini Remote Control

This Transmitter Solutions 318ALD31K mini remote control can replace any Allstar/Allister/Pulsar 318 MHz remote control with 9 (+/0/-) dip switches.  Programming is simple just match the 9 switches inside of this unit to your exisitng remote control or actual door opener and your ready to go.

Compatible with the following remotes:
-Allstar/Allister/Pulsar 931, 9931, 832, 8832, 833, 8833, 822, 8822, 9931TK, 8822TK, 8832TK, 9931MT, 8833OCS. 
-Carper CX-318-1.
-Heddolf P-219/1, P-219/2, P-220-1, P-220-2, P-220-3. 
-GTO/Mighty Mule RB741, RB742, RB743, RB744
Product Details
-318 MHz frequency gate or garage door remote transmitter 
-Controls one garage door or gate opener
-Works with Allstar, Allister, Pulsar, Carper, Heddolf, GTO Mighty Mule versions of garage door openers on the 318MHz frequency set with 9 dip switches
-Includes key chain clip, 12 volt battery, and programming instructions.
-Built-in LED light to indicate battery strength
-Dimensions: 2 by 1.5 by .5 inches
-Two year manufacturer warranty

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