Digi Code 5150 12 or 24 Volt 4 Wire Radio Receiver 300 or 310 MHz

This great new Digi Code 5150 radio receiver replaces their old 5110 and 5112 radio receivers.  The Digi Code 5150 is a 12/24 Volt Light Commerical radio receiver is the perfect radio receiver for Automatic Gate openers or garage door opener applicatons where there is a need to remotely mount an external antenna.  This single channel unit offers selectable 12 or 24 volt power input for added flexiblity during the installation process.  The units is a standard 4 wire radio receiver and also has a F connector which allows you to add remote antenna when needed.

The Digi Code 5150 is compatible with Digi Code or Multi Code or other compatible 300 or 310 MHz 10 on/off dip switch remote controls.  For applications where a remote antenna is needed please see the Remote Whip Antenna, which allows you to mount the receiver antenna upto 16 feel from the receiver.

Product Features
-12/24 AC/DC selectable power 
-Selectoabel 300 or 310 MHz Radio Frequency
-Compatible with Digi Code and Multi Code 10 dip switch 300 or 310 MHz remote controls
-Rreceivers are intended for use where range is possibly a problem. 
-Complete with an industrial style antenna and pre-fitted with a type F coaxial antenna. 
-Dimensions 6" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2" 
-Security Codes One set of 1024 codes 
-2 year manufacturers warranty

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