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GTO Mighty Mule FM134 Remote RB742 - 2 Button Visor or Key Chain Remote Control

This GTO RB742 is a 2 button remote control that is directly compatible with the Mightty Mule FM134 remote control.  The RB742 is a 318 MHz, 8 dip switch trinary visor / mini key chain unit. 

This GTO RB741 is compatible with the following openers:
GTO: SW2000XL, SW2002XL, SW2500, SW2502, SW3000XL, SW3002XL, SW3000, SW4000, SW4000XL, SW4002XL, GPSW050, GPSW100, GPSW052, GPSW102, SL1000, SL1002, SL2000, SL2002, GPSL050, GPSL052, GPSL100, GPSL102, old Pro 1000/1002 & 2000/2002
Mighty Mule: FM200, FB250, FM350, FM352, FM500, FM502, old FM700 & FM702
Product Features:
-318 Mhz Frequency
-8 Dip Switch (+/0/-)Settings (9th dip switch used to indicate left or right button)
-Controls one GTO, Might Mule or Allstar opener
-Includes battery, visor clip, and programming instructions
-Dimensions 2.5" by 1.5" by .625"

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