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Door Openers and More is your source for Garage Door and Automatic Gate Openers remote controls.  We carry remote controls for all major brands like LiftMaster, Sears Craftsman, Genie, Chamberlain, Stanley, and Linear.  As well as many lessor known compatible units that work just as well as the brand names for a fraction of the price.

Whether your looking for a remote to go on your sun visor or your vehicle or something for your keychain we have them all.  Garage Door Remote Controls come in may shapes and sizes, so its important to make you select the correct unit for your opener.  If your unsure or even if you just want to be certain feel free to ASK US or use one of our COMPATIBILITY CHARTS to make sure you get the right item.

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Sears Craftsman Green Learn Button Compatible Mini Remote Control
This LiftMaster 81LM compatible mini remote made by Transmitter Solutions will work with any Sear..
$14.50 $13.25
Based on 4 reviews.
Sears Craftsman Green Learn Button Compatible Visor Garage Remote Control
This Sears Craftsman 139.53859 compatible visor remote control made by Transmitter Solutions will..
$15.00 $13.75
Based on 1 reviews.
Sears Craftsman Orange Learn Button Mini Keyfob Garage Remote Control
This LiftMaster CPTK3 is a Three Button Key Chain Security+ 390MHz Garage Door Or Gate Opener Rem..
$41.95 $28.43
Sears Craftsman Purple Learn Button Mini Key Chain Garage Remote Control
This Liftmaster CPTK13 is a 1 button mini key chain remote control that is compatible with the Se..
$28.00 $22.95
Based on 9 reviews.
Stanley 1050 105015 Compatible 310 MHz Slim Visor Garage Door Remote Control
  This Stanley 1050 / 1050-15 compatible remote by Transmitter Solutions is compatible w..
$15.00 $13.75
Based on 4 reviews.
Stanley 1050 1082 Visor and Mini Key Chain Compatible Remote Control Combo
These Stanley 1050 / 105015 compatible remote controls from Transmitter Solutions are compatible ..
$29.50 $25.25
Stanley 1082 108210 Compatible 310 MHz Mini Key Chain Remote Control
  This Stanley 1082 / 1082-10 compatible remote control transmitter made by Transmitter ..
$14.50 $13.25
Based on 8 reviews.
Stanley 1094 1094-10 310MHz 2-Channel Visor Garage Door or Gate Remote Control Transmitter
The Stanley 1094 / 1094-10 is a 2-Channel Visor remote control transmitter perfect for applicatio..
$18.00 $14.95
Based on 1 reviews.
Stanley 1097 1097-10 310MHz 4-Channel Remote Control Visor Transmitter
This Stanley model 1097 /1097-10 4-Channel Visor Transmitter is a portable transmitter designed f..
$24.00 $19.95
Stanley 3083 3083-02 310MHz 2 Button Key Chain Remote Control
The Stanley 3083 / 3083-02 is a 2-Channel Visor remote control transmitter perfect for applicatio..
$25.00 $17.95
Stanley 3089 3089-13 310 MHz Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter Canadian Version
This Stanley 3089 / 3089-13 is a single button visor remote control transmitter.  Although t..
$17.00 $13.95
Based on 2 reviews.
Stanley SecureCode 24711 590901 TR300 3  Button Visor  Remote Transmitter
The Stanley SHA24711 Secure Code is a 3-Button Visor Garage Door Opener Remote Control. This remo..
$22.95 $18.95
Based on 10 reviews.
Stanley Securecode 49477 370-3352 Mini Key Chain Remote Control Transmitter
This Stanley 49477 Secure Code Mini 3-Button Keychain Garage Door Opener Remote Control (also kno..
$22.95 $17.95
Based on 1 reviews.
Transmitter Solutions 300MCD21K Firefly SU7CCF3001B 300 MHz Mini Remote Control Multi Code Compatible
This Transmitter Solutions 300MCD21k is a Multi Code compatible single button mini key chain styl..
$15.25 $13.25
Based on 3 reviews.
Transmitter Solutions 300MCD21V Stinger SU7CCS3001BV 300 MHz Visor Remote
This Transmitter Solutions 300MCD21V Stinger SU7CCS3001BV 300 MHz Visor Remote  is comp..
$15.00 $13.50
Based on 4 reviews.
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