EMX D-TEK MVP Multi Voltage Vehicle Loop Detector

The EMX D-TEK MVP is a standard vehicle loop detector that can be used in any 11 pin harness or socket.  The great feature about the D-TEK MVP is that can be used with any voltage from 9 to 220, eliminating the need to stock multiple loop detectors based application this one unit can do them all.  The unit also offers the ability to work in both fail safe or fail secure mode based on your application needs.

Product Features
-Covers all voltages (9 to 220V)
-Operates in both fail safe and fail secure modes
-Enhanced Lightning/Surge immunity
-Aluminum RF shield housing
-Built-in loop conditioner
-Loop isolation transformer
-Loop diagnostics
-Frequency counter
-Gold plated control contacts
-2 relays (presence & pulse or presence)
-2 year manufacturers warranty


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