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EMX CS-202 Carsense 202 Slim 50 Foot Driveway Sensor Probe

  • EMX CS-202 Carsense 202 Slim 50 Foot Driveway Sensor Probe
The EMX CS 202 CarSense sensor uses passive probe technology to detect changes in the earth's magnetic field. These changes are caused by movement of ferrous metal objects, such as a car, in the proximity of the probe. The sensing area of each probe is in the shape of a 15 foot circle. The size of this sensing area changes with the mass and speed of the moving vehicle. This 5-wire version has a 50 foot lead-in wire.
Safety - detects moving vehicles in an industrial environment where there are blind areas along the driving path and actuates warning lights.
Energy conservation - detects moving vehicles along a driving path in a warehouse and turns on lights only in the proximity of the vehicle.
Security - detects approaching vehicles or an unauthorized movement of a parked vehicle and actuates alarms, video cameras, or vehicle annunciator.
Access control - "free exit" vehicle detector for gates, overhead doors, or parking barriers.
Note: the CarSense sensor should not be used for presence detection applications. 
The CarSense 202 can be buried in the ground about 8-10 inches deep parallel to the driveway. It may also be placed 2 inches deep in asphalt or concrete under the path of the vehicle. In all cases the probe must remain totally motionless and be free of vibration to prevent false detects. The lead-in cable must be protected from any damage to its outer insulation.
Power Supply: 9 - 35 Volts AC/DC ± 10%
Stand-by Current: 1.5 mA maximum
Detect Current: 15 mA maximum
Relay Type: DPDT
Relay Contact rating: 1A 24V DC 120 V AC
Surge Protection: MOV, Neon, and Silicon protection devices

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