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Transmitter Solutions 300MCD22K 300 MHz Firefly SU7CCF3002B 2 Button Mini Remote Control

This Transmitter Solutions 300MCD22K dual button mini remote is compatible with any Multi-Code 300 MHz remote control or radio receiver.  Programming is simple, just match the 10 on/off dip swtiches inside this unit  to your opener or current remote and your ready to go.  This unit can control 2 different radio receivers and has 2 sets if dip swtiches inside the unit.

This Multi-Code 3083 compatible with the following:
-Multi-Code: 1089, 3089, 3089-11, 4120, 4120-01, 4140, 4140-01, 3060, 3060-01, 3070-01, 3083, 3083-01, and the 4200 or 4200-01 wireless keypad.
-Linear: MCS308911, MCS412001, MCS414001, MCS306001, MCS307001, MCS308301, and MCS420001
-Digi Code: 5010, 5030, 5040, 5060, and 5070
-MultiElmac: 3089 
-Eagle: EG 140, EG 144, EG 148 AND EG 152
Product Features:
-Frequency 300 Mhz
-Programmed by setting one of two sets 10 on/off dip switches inside the unit
-Controls two garage door or gate opener
-Includes 12V battery, key chain clip and programming manual
-Test/operate LED
-Includes 2 year manufacturer warranty
-Dimensions: 2 x 1.5 x .5 inches

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