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Linear MCS308301 300 MHz Dual Channel Mini Key Ring Remote Transmitter

The Linear MCS308301 is a  2-Channel min key ring transmitter that is designed for automatic door and gate operator applications.

This transmitter is a two-channel device. Pressing the left button on the transmitter will send a channel one signal. Pressing the right button on the transmitter will send a channel two signal. The buttons feature raised dimples for easy, or vision-impaired identification. The transmitter has a red test/operate indicator and is powered by a 12-volt battery. A molded-in hole in the case is for attaching the transmitter to a key ring.

The transmitter is Multi-Code format with two 10-position coding switches providing 1,024 possible codes for each channel. Independent coding supports activation of a common gate and a private door. The transmitter will only activate receivers set with the same code.

The Model 3083 is compatible with 300 MHz Multi-Code receivers and Model 1099 and 3028 receivers.

Product Features
•Compatible with 300 MHz Multi-Code receivers 
•Powered by 12-volt battery 
•Easy access to battery and coding switches 
•1,024 codes for each channel 
•RF frequency: 300 MHz 
•1.5" W x 2.5" H x 0.625" D


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