Allstar 110550 318 MHz MVP 3 Channel Replacement Radio Receiver

  • Allstar 110550 318 MHz MVP 3 Channel Replacement Radio Receiver

This Allstar 110550 / 190-110550 318 MHz MVP 3 channel radio reciever is the pefect unit to replace an older Allstar, Allister, or Pulsar radio receiver that .  This unit is compatible with all Allstar, Allister, or Pulsar remote controls that operate on the 318 MHz radio frequency.   The unit has 3 tabs that allow you to directly connect to one of your openers without additional wires or adapters (3 terminal openers only).  Then connect the other wire directly to the 2nd and 3rd openers you want to control.

Please note: If your opener has 2 or 4 terminals you will want to add the 3 Tab to 2 Terminal Adapter to your order as in many cases the unit will not work without it in these applications.
Compatible with the following remote controls:
-Allstar: 931, 9931, 9931MT, 9931T, 832, 8832, 833, MVP-QC, and Classic Quik Code
-Allister: 8833, 921, 9921, 9921T, 9921MT, 822, 8822
-Pulsar: 9931TK, 8822TK, 8832TK, 9931MI, 8833OCS
-Carper: CX-318, CX-318-1
-GTO: RB741, RB742, RB743, RB744
-Heddolf: P-219-1, P-219-2, P-220-1, P-220-2, P-220-3
Product Features:
-Three Channel controls upto 3 different devices
-Standard 3-terminal operator connection with 4 wires to connect 2 additional openers
-Wire antenna
-Compatible with Allstar Classic, Allister, and Pulsar dipswitch transmitters, and MVP quik-code transmitters
-Power: 24 VAC/VDC
-Codes: 19683
-RF frequency: 318 MHz
-Dimensions: 7.125" W x 3.625" H x 1.375" D
-One year manufacturers warranty

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