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Digi Code 5012 310MHz Visor Garage Door Opener Remote Stanley Compatible
This Digi Code 5012 / DC5012 is a 310 MHz garage or gate remote control that willl control one St..
$18.00 $10.95
Based on 2 reviews.
Digi Code 5012 5042 310MHz Remote Control Combo Stanley Compatible
These Digi Code 5012 and 5042 remotes are 310 MHz garage or gate remote control that willl contro..
$41.00 $22.95
Digi Code 5040 300 MHz Garage Door Gate Opener Remote Control Multicode 3089 3060 3070 Compatible
This Digi Code 5040 / DC5040 is a single button 300 MHz mini key chain remote controlis directly ..
$23.00 $12.50
Based on 1 reviews.
Digi Code 5042 310 MHz Mini Key Chain Garage Door Opener Remote Contolr Stanley 1082 and 1050 Compatible
This Digi Code 5042 / DC5042 garage door opener remote control transmitter will control one 310 M..
$23.00 $12.50
Digi Code 5060 300 MHz 2 Button Garage Door Opener Remote Multi Code 4120 3083 Compatible
This Digi Code 5060 / DC5060 is a 300 MHz garage door or gate opener remote control that can cont..
$27.00 $14.50
Digi Code 5062 310Mhz 2 Button Garage Door Opener Remote - Stanley 1094 3083 Compatible
This Digi Code 5062 / DC5062 is a 310 MHz garage or gate remote control that willl control two di..
$27.00 $14.50
Digi Code 5070 2 Button Garage Door Opener Remote 300 MHz Multi Code Compatible
This Digi-Code 5070 / DC5070 2 button mini remote control is compatible with all 300 MHz Digi-Cod..
$32.00 $19.50
Digi Code 5102 310 MHz 3 Tab Garage Door Radio Receiver
The Digi Code model 5102 is a Single Channel Radio Receiver that is designed for use in residenti..
$30.00 $19.95
Based on 1 reviews.
Digi Code 5112 310 MHz Light Commercial Radio Receiver 12 or 24 Volt
This Digi Code 5112 12/24 Volt Light Commerical radio receiver is the perfect radio receiver for ..
$60.00 $31.95
Eagle EG144 300 MHz Dual Button Gate Opener Remote Control
This Eagle EG144 also known as a Multi Code 4120  garage door or gate remote can control two..
$18.00 $14.95
Eagle EG148 300 MHz 4 Channel Visor Remote Transmitter
The Eagle EG148 also known as a Multicode 4140 a 4-Channel Visor Transmitter designed for garage ..
$23.00 $17.95
Eagle EG152 300 MHz Single Channel Mini Key Ring Remote Transmitter
This Eagle EG152 also know as the Multi Code 3070 is a Single Channel Key Ring Transmitter is a m..
$18.00 $13.95
EMX LR-650-TX SIngle Button Long Range Mini Key Chain Remote Control
The EMX LR-650-TX is a long range mini key chain remote controlt that is designed to work on EMX"..
$24.99 $19.95
Genie GIC901 Compatible Intellicode Visor Remote Control
This compact cost efficient remote from Transmitter Solutions can replace your existing Genie GIC..
$24.00 $20.95
Genie GICT390-1BL 390 MHz Compatible 3 Button Key Ring Transmitter GT-31
This Linear Model GT-31 is a 3-Button Genie Compatible mini key chain remote control that sends a..
$22.95 $18.95
Based on 2 reviews.
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