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LiftMaster 81LM Compatible 390 MHz Visor & Mini Key Chain Remote Control Combo
These LiftMaster 81LM compatible remote controls made by Transmitter Solutions will work with any..
$29.50 $25.25
Based on 2 reviews.
LiftMaster 828LM MyQ Internet Gateway Controller
The LiftMaster 828LM is the Internet Gateway Controller for your LiftMaster MyQ compatible garage..
$56.93 $42.95
Liftmaster 877MAX Wireless Keyapd MyQ, 371LM, 971LM, 81LM compatible
This Liftmaster 877MAX wireless keypad is compatible with all Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Sears C..
$39.75 $31.95
LiftMaster 888LM MyQ Garage Door Wall Control Panel
This Liftmaster 888LM is a MyQ compatible Wall Control Panel that allow you to upgrade yourLiftma..
$41.93 $37.95
Liftmaster 891LM Single Button Visor Remote - MyQ Compatible Yellow Learn Button
This Liftmaster 891LM single button visor remote control can control one Liftmaster or Chamberlai..
$25.00 $23.25
Liftmaster 893MAX 3 Button Visor Remote Control - MyQ, 371LM, 971LM, and 81LM compatible
This Liftmaster 893MAX is a 3 button visor style remote control is compatible with all Liftmaster..
$30.00 $28.43
Based on 2 reviews.
Liftmaster 970LM Compatible 890MAX 390 MHz Security 3 Button Mini Remote Control
This LiftMaster 890MAX is a 3 Button Key Chain Security+ 390MHz Garage Door Or Gate Opener Remote..
$28.83 $22.95
Based on 1 reviews.
LiftMaster CPTK13 315 MHz Security+ Mini Keychain Remote - LiftMaster 370LM Comp
This Liftmaster CPTK13 is a 1 button mini key chain remote control that is compatible with the Li..
$28.00 $22.95
Based on 3 reviews.
LiftMaster MyQ Internet Gateway Conversion Kit 888LM 828LM
This great kit from LiftMaster includes (1) 888LM MyQ Wall Control Panel and (1) 828LM Internet G..
$89.93 $84.95
Transmitter Solutions 390LMD21K 390 MHz Firefly SU7TRACOMFIR61 Mini Remote Control
This Transmitter Solutions 390LMD21K mini remote is compatible with LiftMaster 390 MHz garage doo..
$14.50 $13.25
Transmitter Solutions 390LMD21V 390 MHz Stinger SU7390LMD21V Visor Remote
This Transmitter Solutions 390LMD21V visor remote is compatible with LiftMaster 390 MHz garage do..
$15.00 $13.75
Based on 1 reviews.
Transmitter Solutions 390LMPB1K 390 MHz Firefly SU7390LMBP1K Mini Key Chain Remote
This Transmitter Solutions 390LMPB1K will work with any LiftMaster Billion Code Series Garage Doo..
$14.50 $13.25
Transmitter Solutions 390LMPB1V 390 MHz Stinger SU7390LMPB1V Visor Remote Control
This Transmitter Solutions 390LMPB1V will work with any LiftMaster Billion Code Series Garage Doo..
$15.00 $13.75
Based on 2 reviews.
Chamberlain 956EV 3 Button Mini Keychain Remote  MyQ, 371LM, 971LM, and 81LM compatible
This Liftmaster 890MAX is directly compatible with the Chamberlain 956EV and is a  ..
$28.83 $22.95
Chamberlain KLIK1U Universal Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote Control
The LiftMaster 375LM is directly compatible to the Chamberlain KLIK1U Universal Gate and Garage D..
$29.93 $23.95
Based on 3 reviews.
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