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Access Control Devices

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EMX CS-202 Carsense 202 Slim 50 Foot Driveway Sensor Probe
The EMX CS 202 CarSense sensor uses passive probe technology to detect changes in the earth's mag..
$199.99 $128.00
EMX D-TEK LP Low Power Vehicle Loop Detector 12/24V
The EMX D-TEK LP is a standard vehicle loop detector that can be used in any 11 pin harness or so..
$124.99 $95.95
EMX IRB-4X Extended Range Infrared Modulated Photocell Photo Beam
This EMX IRB-4X transmitter and receiver set is used a safety, reversing, or openind device for a..
$169.99 $139.95
EMX IRB-4X Photocell Enclosure Only
Enclosure for the EMX IRB-4X,  sold individuall and you will receive the lens and back cover..
$39.95 $25.50
EMX NIR-HD Protective Hood for NIR-50 and NIR Photoeye
This NIR-HD from EMX is the perfect hood for the EMX NIR and NIR-50 Photoeye to keep the rain or ..
$15.95 $11.50
EMX REFLECT-HD NIR NIR-50 Photoeye Reflector Hood Cover
This EMX REFLECT-HD is a hood cover for the reflector for the EMX NIR and NIR-50 Photoeye Detecto..
$24.00 $12.95
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