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Change the Lock on the Garage

Posted On 02/19/2013 |  0 Comments

One of the more common questions we receive by email or Facebook goes something like this… “Hi there, we just moved into a new house and come to find out we don’t have any remote controls for the garage door opener, can you please help?”

In the majority of cases we can help get the correct remote control for your opener and even suggest a wireless keypad for it as well.  But what we also like to point out to them is that even though they may not have the remotes someone else might.  Most cases the remotes have probably been simply thrown out, but what if their crazy ex-girl friend still has one? Or the neighbor down the street finds it in their junk drawer from when they were watching the house several years ago?  Most new homeowners will make it a point to change the locks on the doors, but how many actually change the ‘lock’ on their garage door opener?  
Studies have shown that most Americans rarely if ever lock the door behind a locked door, and no more perfect of an example is the attached garage.  No one wants to fumble with their keys while getting the kids in the house or holding a pile of groceries.  So now does not knowing where those old remotes are at put a little bit of concern into your mind???
Well to ease your mind a little bit here are a few tips for the new homeowner or even someone who might have had a remote that got lost a while back that you never were able to quite find.
Older ‘Dip Switch’ Style Openers
Your garage door opener has a series of 8, 9, 10, or 12 little switches somewhere on it (usually the back or under the light cover).  Once you located these switches, simply change a few.  Once you do this, you’ll notice your remotes no longer will open/close the door.  What you’ll need to do now is for each remote simply match the settings that you have on the opener into each of your remotes.  
Smart aka Learn Button Style Openers
Most garage door openers made since the mid 1990’s have this type of remote.  Gone are the little switches, they have been replaced by coded remotes that all you simply need to do is learn into your openers’ memory.  Consult your owners’ manual first, but with these type of openers all you normally need to do is press and hold the program button for a predetermined count and that will erase the memory of the opener.  Try your remote at this point it shouldn’t open/close the door, then just follow the steps in your manual to program your remotes back into the memory and you’ll be ready to go.
Both of these shouldn’t take you more then a few minutes and cost you nothing, but the added piece of mind is well worth the investment.  If you have any questions about these steps please contact us or your local garage door service company.


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